Adjusting to the New Normal: Remote Audits

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, are you one of the many companies joining the new ranks of self-imposed quarantine or encouraging your employees to work remotely? Have travel bans been enforced limiting fieldwork and critical meetings? As companies come to terms with the impact of the coronavirus, new audit plans and workarounds are being sought. Connor is a 10 year plus compliance specialty firm that is built to withstand these dire scenarios with a remote audit practice and compliance team. We are very familiar with how to set up and conduct remote audits and can assist you with your compliance program efforts during this difficult time.

The coronavirus is putting remote work to a gigantic test, and at a totally unprecedented scale. Throughout China, Italy, Japan and South Korea, workers have been on lockdown. In the last couple of weeks, the same has happened across the United States as some of the largest companies in the world like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have all told employees to remain home. Here are some quick and easy steps to keep your compliance program going and continue to find savings while we ride out the storm.

  1. Communication. Setting clear expectations and sending regular updates so people feel comfortable with their new work environment is key. Being receptive to what others say and remaining flexible with deadlines is important as the process for collecting data may have changed.
  2. New Timelines. At Connor, we understand that collecting the information for your audit may take longer due to this business disruption. We can factor that in and have shorter micro-burst meetings to ensure things proceed as planned.
  3. Collaborative tools.  Video conferencing, messaging and conference calls will become the preferred method of communication. Continue to manage your email inbox and be prepared for a sudden influx as people revert back to remote models.
  4. Cultural and language barriers. Even with the use of video and conference call channels, there will still be some level of miscommunications when dealing with different languages and cultures. Remain patient. At Connor, we have many bi-lingual speaking staff and local business expertise across our team. This allows us to easily handle multiple countries that may be impacted by these recent health restrictions.

Ready to learn more?

Reach out to Connor if you need any assistance with planning remote audits across Channel, Software Licensing Compliance, SSPA or Royalty. We are happy to facilitate your timetable and new “Working from home digs”!

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