When the World Stops, Connor Helps our Customers Keep Moving

We are now months into the COVID-19 crisis with no light at the end of the tunnel just yet. As countries begin to lock-down, businesses across industries are being forced to adapt to these unfamiliar and trying times. Business travel has been restricted and mandatory work from home policy enforced, putting many companies in a weakened position of not being to operate at full capacity. 

In industries where the lack of oversight or engagement with overseas customers, vendors, licensees, and partners can cost a company millions of dollars, the impact of a pandemic can be disastrous. 

Connor: Local Compliance Teams and Effective Technologies

At Connor, we are built and operate with a localized, customer-first approach. What does this mean? We understand the value of providing local teams of experienced consultants across major regions in Asia and Europe – allowing us to provide the highest levels of service when other consultancies shutter during trying times like these.

Our attention to customer success extends beyond just providing the seasoned consultants in the regions that need us most. We also leverage the latest technologies to help our customers extend their reach even further. Our customer engagement platform empowers teams across departments — from licensing and compliance to sales and marketing — to easily develop and execute on outbound, multi-channel campaigns that will engage and convert at a high rate. And if our customers’ resources are down and out, we’ll step in and take on the heavy lifting to build and execute on the campaigns to ensure success.

Just because it’s not “business as usual”, doesn’t mean you still can’t meet your performance goals around revenue and cost management. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you continue to move your business forward even during a time of crisis, visit our website at www.connor-consulting.com or email us at info@connor-consulting.com for a complimentary consultation.