Adjusting to the COVID reality – Remote Audits Part II

In our previous blog post, we talked about adjusting to the COVID reality with remote audits and how to navigate that change most effectively. The new normal has arrived and is in full effect. As countries gradually begin opening up borders and experimenting with deterrent policies, the business world continues to shape its future of work.

Discover what you can do now – flexibility and trust are key

The show must go on, albeit in a hybrid or remote form. This is the new COVID reality. At Connor, we are passionate about providing our clients with trust and flexibility while delivering the same world-class risk-mitigating strategies to ensure ROI maximization. To do this, we play to our strengths:

  1. Boots (Trust) on the ground: Connor is a global family, with people in over 15 countries speaking 20 languages. We are where you need local expertise and immediate support;
  2. One Firm truly working together: Connor is truly one Firm where knowledge is shared seamlessly to ensure all our clients are receiving only the most impactful results, all the time;
  3. Subject Matter Expertise, everywhere: With an average experience of 12 years (excl. partners) and continuous efforts in hiring only the best from the industry renders industry insights like no other.

At Connor, we are exceptionally well-positioned to provide that trust, quality, and continuity. Our local talent, combined with virtual attendance of Subject Matter Experts, makes it business as usual. We work with our clients and stakeholders transparently and collaboratively, holding ourselves accountable for your success.

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