How Disruption Inspired Agility, Flexibility, and New Solutions at Connor

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide have pivoted from business-as-usual to business-as-possible, facing major impact to both profits and people along the way. But for some, the transition to digital-first or largely-virtual work has been an opportunity to assess how agile, flexible, and adaptable they can be in real time. 


We saw a chance to continue building something future-proof—a solution that could adjust to the specific consultancy needs of a client and allow us to keep moving forward, even as disruption became a daily dilemma.  


Uniting a Global Knowledge Bank with On-the-Ground Expertise


Connor’s global team of industry and compliance experts operates as a cohesive unit, allowing us to serve our customers without the red tape and restrictions that plague siloed firms. There’s no resource competition; account owners handpick teams with the collective industry and compliance expertise that best aligns with the client’s goals. Across the 13 countries we operate in, we have true local experts—consultants who live and work in the region, and who are incredibly well-versed in its cultural nuances. And we have a team of industry experts that we can deploy to help customer navigate industry compliance nuances and landmines.


This global-local method, along with full visibility across the organization, makes knowledge sharing simple and fast. It contributes to the cross-pollination of best practices, industry insights, various learnings across regions, and tons of anecdotal knowledge. We’re constantly sharing information, and because all employees are immediately given visibility into this diverse scope of experience, our onboarding process is very short, comprehensive, and effective. 


The global-local approach has always significantly driven our efficiency, and that transfers to the businesses we work with—we’ve repeatedly found that the more efficient we are, the more efficient our clients are. Our focus on transparent knowledge-sharing also allows us to build global accounts for each client from day one, with the right experts in place and dedicated resources available right away. But when COVID-19 hit, we were dedicated to providing the same resources and expertise to our clients despite the mounting challenges. We just needed to shift our perspective.


Remote-Hybrid Engagement for an Unprecedented World

Typically, consultancy field work is dependent on in-person interactions with clients, and often requires traveling to meet them—things that became hugely difficult, if not impossible, as the coronavirus spread. Long before lockdowns brought the world to a halt, supporting our customers exactly how and where they need it has mattered to us. During a time of unpredictability, it’s crucial, and that’s why our local teams aren’t just translators. From the very beginning, they’ve been made up of experts in their fields and have been able to stand on their own, giving us flexibility about when we go on-site, and eliminating the need for long-distance travel. 


It’s an approach that turned out to be ideal for pandemic-era business. With international travel restricted, many consulting agencies are dependent on remote-only audits, which are far less effective and more time consuming than in-person audits. Utilizing local resources and experts to execute an audit, and being creative and flexible with our scheduling keeps costs low and trainings brief. Instead of wasting time bringing non-local consultants up to speed on colloquialisms, we can engage with our clients right away: we speak their language, understand their business, and provide the high-level execution they expect.


During a time when limiting face-to-face interaction is a priority, having access to local resources and the agility to creatively schedule audits helps us keep pace with our clients’ evolving needs.


Investment and Innovation vs. the Status Quo

Our investment in client success is directly tied to how we invest in technology that supports agility and flexibility across the global team. We automate repetitive tasks on an ongoing basis, allowing us to significantly reduce the time it takes to run analyses and surface key trends. Data shapes our decisions, and the technology we’ve turned to is helping us evolve into a solutions-driven business that’s exceptionally efficient and able to provide tailored services to every company we work with.    


Prioritizing clients’ needs is something that all compliance agencies should be doing, but there’s a major difference between checking things off of a list and being truly invested in a company’s success. Traditionally, depending on non-local or contracted resources and expertise has led to a checkbox mentality: ensure that a client meets the minimum standards of compliance, provide cursory guidance, and move on. But this approach has two major flaws; it invites errors, and it wastes resources. 


Without widespread knowledge-sharing, the likelihood of repeating mistakes or misinterpreting where clients are coming from gets uncomfortably high. Important things get missed and misunderstood. Travel is highly expensive and time-consuming at any given time, and in 2020, it’s not always an option. Finally, hiring and training contractors takes bandwidth and resources away from in-house employees tasked with managing outsourced teams. 


It’s clear that resisting agility eats up a lot of time and money, but no business can afford to squander either on inefficient, inaccurate consulting solutions. Connor’s hybrid approach to Royalty Compliance services ensures that they don’t.

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