How the One Firm Model helped Connor Succeed during the Pandemic

Without a doubt the COVID-19 Pandemic has caught all of us off guard, something not seen to this level in recent history. This in terms of the pandemic itself as well as the global response and consequent implications both now and downstream. The harm this is causing to business is already evident – many companies closing their doors, job losses and countless other repercussions.

Whilst most are still reeling from the initial impact of the pandemic, it appears we are entering yet another wave bringing with it compounding challenges we are all coming to grips with.

At Connor, we are very proud of the way our team has responded and addressed the past many months. We are equally proud of our one-firm model that has enabled us to continue to serve and partner with our clients in a seamless manner with the same quality engagement and outcomes. Longstanding within our firm, this hybrid / remote model capability has paired latest digital & data technology providing the agility and flexibility that continues supporting our primary goal of providing unrivaled customer support & service.

Our best in class teams and compliance experts on the ground in key regions, with multiple language capabilities, are able to truly partner in driving our clients businesses forward and alleviating some of their evolving challenges arising as a result of COVID-19. This local presence also continues to allow for creative and cost effective “local” solutions.

Underpinning this model is our stellar team around the world that has supported our ongoing unparalleled service & innovation. Connor has been fortunate and positioned to not have to reduce staff over the last months and equally through demand for our value proposition, been growing through new hires.

Our Connor@Home program designed to encourage, and support Work-Life balance continues, and now more than ever, relevant with the blurred lines between work life and home life. The creed of “work to live, not live to work” is foundational and provides the frame for excelling at work, having a healthy mindset, and living a life within the four corners of your home – still possible whilst under quarantine and lockdown.

Sharon Cheng Hairdresser Viresh Chana

At Connor, we share our experiences and stories internally to keep the motivation and contact up and continued focus on our family culture. These experiences shared are many and varied in the “new world” context; Sharon, an MD, shares that she now balances previous role of working mom with now being family hairdresser; Jay & Viresh exercise together “virtually” on their Pelotons’; many of the team balancing home schooling and sharing the Zoom screen with their children and colleagues; others share regularly, new additions to the team, be they new babies or be they the new fur babies and many more…

Sharon Cheng Maddy Viresh Chana Kitchen

We are in unprecedented times with COVID-19 completely changing the way we do business. At Connor, our culture, ways of working and highly distributed workforce are uniquely positioned to thrive in this new world.

Does this interest you? Find out how you can not only thrive in tough times but stand out and do amazing things with Connor.