Introducing Connor@Home – Our Cure to the Pandemic Blues

It has been eight months since the world has been flipped upside down due to the ongoing pandemic. The effects on businesses are still being felt as closures continue to rise, jobs are lost, and social gatherings are still strongly discouraged.

Here at Connor, we’ve been able to adjust to this new normal without losing our focus on ensuring customer success. With no end to the pandemic in sight, we have implemented new policies and processes that enable us to perform and deliver to our customers. We’ve developed a program called Connor@Home which introduces a work from home policy that allows our people to stay home, stay safe, and still produce results. Our efforts have allowed us to maintain the heart and soul of our company by retaining all of our employees during this current situation.

From an operations standpoint, our one-firm approach employs a hybrid-remote working model that enables us to serve our clients around the world without a single hiccup. We function in a seamless manner while providing quality engagement and producing extraordinary outcomes.

Our approach has enabled our team to overcome the recent flight bans without sacrificing world-class customer service and support through local teams composed of compliance and industry experts who provide hands-on support with a deep understanding of how to do business in the region, something that our competitors do not have.

We are focused on striking the perfect work-Life balance which matters more now than ever. A lot of companies struggle with upholding the line between work and life due to the fact that they now exist in the same place, but Connor’s creed of “work to live, not live to work” is ingrained so deeply into the culture of the company that it allows us to have a healthy mindset which benefits both our personal and professional space.

One of our Senior Associates, Jill Arnold, exemplifies how effective the Connor@Home program is. On a working day, she starts with a cup of coffee, exercise, and walking her dog with her husband. She schedules her day around the conference calls of her husband who also works from home and at the end of the workday, she disconnects from her laptop and shifts her focus on her family. This keeps Jill at the top of her game in producing exemplary results for her clients without losing sight of what matters most — our loved ones.

Shelter in place Connor Jill Arnold

Last but certainly not least, humor and fun are never lost at Connor, even during these trying times. Although we work diligently to support our clients, we also make time to have some fun with our team members. Whether it’s a virtual coffee break or fitness competitions, we believe that creating an environment that promotes social connections and a sense of belonging is critical to the long term health of the firm and our staff.

We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but we do know that no matter what life throws at us, we at Connor are ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. Ultimately, our culture, our way of living and working, as well as our highly effective team members are all trained to thrive and succeed in any situation.

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