On Accepting Challenges as a Woman and Celebrating One’s Self

Today, on International Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate the achievements, differences, and impact women have had on society and our community. At Connor, we would like to recognize and show our appreciation to some of the amazing women we have the privilege to work with and share some of their thoughts on what motivates and inspires them every day. 


Jennifer Radcliff Xperi International Women's Day ConnorJennifer Radcliff, Director of Licensing Compliance in Xperi practices daily gratitude in her life. She believes that every girl needs to be taught to be brave, to accept flaws, take risks, and laugh every single day. As these are traits that will help girls become better not just in life but as a person. 


If there is one thing that she would advise another woman, it is to remember that if the answer to something is not a “HELL YES!” then it’s best to say “No.” This has helped her more than thrive in her industry and take her to where she is now in her life and career. 


Serena Wang HDMI nternational Women's Day ConnorSerena Wang, Director, Royalty & Audit, HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. remembers the advice given to her that helped shape her career. “Never be afraid of a job just because you don’t have the work experience needed. Skills are transferable. You just need to work harder to learn the knowledge. What matters is how well you adapt to your new environment, learn new things, and manage to excel at it.”


She also thinks that every woman needs to learn how to save money for themselves, invest, and avoid impulse buys. Serena also wants every woman to remember that failing is okay. Failures are actually good as it can be a mechanism to help you learn and become a better version of yourself.


From Connor, we asked Sharon Cheng and Sophia Tablaza to share a few words on how to encourage other women when tackling challenges.  


Sharon Cheng nternational Women's Day ConnorSharon Cheng,  Managing Director – Royalty & Operations at Connor, inspired by another woman, had a dream of traveling the world when she was younger. She set out a plan, followed through, and achieved her goal of visiting 50 countries before turning 30. 


As a Mom, she remembers the moment that her daughter was born as the moment that she realized her life was no longer her own, and how she needed to be better, braver, and stronger because someone else looks up to her now. 


As a professional, she believes it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, to always listen to others with an open mind, and to be decisive in your decisions (and own it!)


Her advice to all women is to say yes without fear and say no without regrets.


Sophie Talabaza, Manager for Software License Compliance at Connor, wants the world to worry less and dance more. This is why she makes it a point to make work more fun so that it would feel less “work” and more fun. 


As a child, she was taught by her Mother that people never stop learning. A challenge does not mean to stop. Instead, it means to go ahead, explore, and expand. This is how Sophie improves herself.  


Lastly, Sophie wants every woman to have so much love and respect for herself that there would be no need for external recognition from anyone or anything. She believes that every woman is an absolute treasure who deserves the best in life. If this were to happen, every woman would be empowered to go after what she wants, walk away from what does not serve her purpose, and pursue any challenges because she knows that she deserves better. 


We, at Connor, couldn’t agree more. We believe that every woman deserves to have her voice heard, to have her ideas brought to life, and to receive the recognition they deserve both at home and at work.


Happy International Women’s Day!