The Value of Adding SOC2 and ISO27001 Compliance to an SSPA Assessment

Every Microsoft vendor that handles sensitive information is required to pass the annual SSPA assessment to ensure the proper levels of data protection practices are adhered to. Oftentimes, particularly with international customers, the security requirements are extremely high — requiring adherence to both SOC2 and ISO27001 for maximum security. 


ISO27001 is the international standard that provides the specification for an information security management system (ISMS). Due to the risks associated with cyberattacks and data breaches that are on the rise daily, information security or data protection has become a critical issue for businesses. 


SOC2 reports help companies feel confident that service providers are operating ethically and within a given set of processes. When a service provider goes through the SSPA process, the company can be guaranteed that things were done in a compliant manner because of the additional SOC2 report. 


Connor can help you get ahead of the competition by improving your current compliance program with ISO27001 and SOC2 compliance coaching, helping you with readiness assessments, and bundling multiple security frameworks for your business. With SOC2 and ISO27001 included in your certifications, your company will have a definite advantage over the competition. Let us help you adopt a stronger security and data privacy baseline. 


Read this ebook to learn more about the importance of ISO27001 and SOC2 compliance when undergoing an SSPA assessment.

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