We are Connor

Our mission is to substantially improve revenue and profitability for our clients by providing exceptional and personal contract compliance services.

Our values

Never stop collaborating

We believe collaboration drives success and strengthens our relationships. Whether we are working closely with our colleagues, our clients, or the licensees or vendors we audit, we strive to constantly push ourselves to communicate, share knowledge and encourage fresh thinking.

Put integrity first

We believe in doing the right thing, no matter how difficult the situation is and no matter who is watching. Individually and as a team, we do what we say we’ll do, and we aren’t afraid have a tough conversation.

Nurture positivity

We spend as much time at work as we do at home, so we work hard to build a culture where each team member feels like family. By supporting each other to thrive at work as we do in life, we create a strong bond and an unbeatable firm.

Earn and cherish trust

We believe that openness and honesty lead to trust. For this reason, we put our energy into earning the trust of our customers and each other by being fair, clear, and accountable for our actions. Once earned, we work to maintain that trust.

Be ambitious for our customers

We are obsessed with making our customers successful and protecting their IP, brands and profitability. Across our firm, we achieve great results for our clients by being accessible and accountable, and regularly putting ourselves in their shoes.

Embrace diversity

Our team is diverse in culture, skillset, background and personality, and we believe the resulting blend of global perspective and insights is what makes us excel. We seek people who bring something new and different to our team, and we promote a corporate culture of openness and respect.

Global perspective. Local presence.

We are more than just a global company: We are global people. Our employees are citizens of the world and have lived, worked and studied across five continents. This perspective affords us a keen cultural sensitivity and an insatiable enthusiasm to explore.

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