Network Penetration & Phishing Testing

Ensure your organization’s security holds up to compliance and real-world cyber attacks.

Pressure Test your Network

At Connor, we’ll partner with you to develop a detailed strategic IT roadmap in the form of a network penetration test that will satisfy the most stringent compliance requirements.

With safe and secure methods our team will ethically penetrate your external and internal networks combined with an email phishing campaign.

The results we will help you improve your security awareness from what you need to update immediately and into the future.

A Compliance Partner You Can Count On

The key to an effective network penetration testing strategy is to ensure both management and IT are informed in a constructive manner.

Connor’s network penetration test reports provide an executive summary that the board or upper management will understand as well as a detailed keystroke by keystroke narrative for the IT Director and engineering team to quickly use to patch and improve the organization’s security posture.

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