We handle SSPA compliance, so you can focus on the work

We’re here to help smoothly put in place the necessary Microsoft security requirements and procedures. Our goal is to ensure you’re set up to provide your full suite of capabilities, services and products securely, safely and in full compliance.

Collabtech Group gained a truly global compliance partner. Connor successfully assisted us to achieve SSPA compliance with 4 Supplier ID’s across the US, Canada, Australia & Ireland.

Craig Brubeck
Chief Operating Officer @ Collabtech Group

With Connor’s SSPA team, ePlannerPro was able to leverage their library of policy and procedure templates and gain compliance with the SSPA framework.

Mihir Patel
Founder and CEO, ePlannerPro

Achieving SSPA Compliance was seamless and executed in record time with the SSPA team.

Rosalyn Arntzen
President and CEO

SSPA at a glance

Strong privacy and security practices are critical to Microsoft’s mission and in many jurisdictions, is required by law. Microsoft has created their Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) and Data Protection Requirements (DPR) to outline privacy and security requirements for Microsoft suppliers who handle Microsoft data on their behalf, ensuring that they are in compliance with all security and data policies and procedures.

If you provide services or products to Microsoft, or plan to in the near future you must complete an SSPA and Data Protection Requirements (DPR) assessment before any work can begin, and update it annually. This important process can be daunting, and time consuming. Our dedicated team of SSPA specialists streamline the process, removing the stress and ensuring that you’re set up for success.

Our Process

With Connor, you get:
  • Expertise – Our deep experience in SSPA is bolstered with experts across different industries to ensure your applicability puts you in the best position for continued success.
  • Speed and precision- Our team can assist you with gaps and remediation with your applicability and our established methodology has been honed to produce quality work fast.
  • Ease – We help you navigate the ins and outs of Microsoft’s Data Protection Requirements without getting lost in policies and jargons.
  • Value-pricing – Our technology helps lower the time and costs of your process, and allows us to offer fixed-fee pricing.
A lightweight model for small business

For smaller organizations, we offer templates and guidelines for your use in the DPR SSPA submission and process, with access to our experts for any questions or guidance you need along the way. You’ll have all you need to generate the policy and control documentation required in the DPR process, all at a competitive, fixed-fee price.

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