On-Demand Webinar: The Future of ITAM in the Age of SaaS

ITAM professionals drive vendor compliance, operational efficiencies, and ROI across the business. However, the introduction of SaaS has drastically impacted traditionally centralized IT and license management. Now that 70% of application spend is sourced outside of IT budgets according to IDC, what role do ITAM and SAM practitioners play in building and maintaining modern ITAM strategies? How are these practitioners affected?

This 30-minute webinar will focus on:

  • The evolution of ITAM
  • The difference between SAM and SaaS Management
  • The competitive advantage of evolving a career alongside the growth of SaaS
  • The future of ITAM, inclusive of both SAM and SaaS management

Zylo co-founder Cory Wheeler will utilize his experience of building procurement teams both in the on-prem and SaaS world to discuss the evolution of ITAM organization which led to the founding of Zylo.

He will be joined by Connor Executive VP Rich Reyes who will leverage his experience from building a sustainable ITAM practice at a Fortune 100 retailer and leading the Global Software Advisory (SA) practice at Connor to inform this discussion.

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Rich Reyes
EVP Software Advisory, Connor

Cory Wheeler
Co-Founder and VP Services & Customer Success at Zylo