The Definitive SAP License Audit Survival Kit

Learn how to build your toolkit to pass an SAP license audit

SAP licensing models are as complex as their products – leading to audits that are opaque and difficult to follow.

Like most software vendors, SAP has its own auditing methodology. Compound these unique auditing methodologies with highly complex IT environments, and it’s no wonder many customers miss key information when they acquire SAP software and end up using more licenses than they planned for. This combination of miscommunication between SAP and their customers, lack of knowledge on how software licensing works, along with the inherent complexities of their IT environments and SAP contracts, drastically increases the odds of software over-deployments or failing an audit.

With extensive experience in Software Advisory and SAP Auditing, the seasoned leaders at Connor have conducted hundreds of license assessments and have established effective software asset management (SAM) programs for Fortune 500 companies. In the eBook, we have leveraged our deep knowledge and proven track record to compile a list of leading practices you need in your toolkit to pass an SAP License Audit.

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