Royalty Audits

Uncover under-reporting of royalties and license fees


Licensees that have errors in their royalty reporting

The challenge. A successful licensing compliance program should be a self-sustaining effort that leverages multiple compliance tools and full scope onsite audits to maximize ROI.

The reality. Most licensees have significant gaps in royalty reporting — whether it’s from intentional under reporting, gaps caused by outdated or manual processes, or simple human error.

Amplifying this problem is the fact that most organizations lack the necessary resources, processes, and expert support to effectively build and manage their programs.

The Impact. Lower revenues and failed programs due to the lack of resources and inadequate support from third-party audit partners.

Expert Audit Support, Customized for Your Needs

We are re-imagining consulting with a globally distributed team of consultants with deep Big4 and industry experience. What sets us apart from other audit partners is our technology-first approach driven by your specific needs, and powered by our unwavering team of passionate, compliance experts.

Global Presence
Globally distributed team
with authentic regional experience

Technology First Approach
Leverage best-of-breed technology &
data analytics alongside dedicated support

Contract Compliance Specialists
100% contract compliance focused with teams organized by industry

Cost Efficient
Experienced local teams lowers OPEX

Consistent Team
Low turnover increases knowledge retention.

Expert Team
Large compliance team with deep
expertise and dedicated leadership oversight

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Connor has a proven track record of helping clients build a license compliance program that is self-sustaining, driving unmatched ROI to its clients while building positive relationships with its clients and their licensees with clear, consistent and accurate communications throughout the audit process.

Our clients say it best…

Getting Started is Easy

In the spirit of showcasing our expertise and unparalleled levels of service, we offer proof-of-concepts that are efficient and not resource intensive.

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