Software License Compliance

Defend against pirated or misused software


of Fortune 100 companies are using unlicensed software

The challenge. Software vendors are increasingly facing an issue of customers being non-compliant with license agreements due to complex licensing, infrastructure changes, and a lack of resources to support good corporate practices around software asset management.

The reality. Implementing and managing a software license compliance program can be highly complex and resource intensive. Without the proper resources, processes and expert partners, software vendors risk uncovering the true value of non-compliance and maximizing outcomes driven by compliance engagements.

The Impact. Implemented and executed the right way, your routine compliance inspections of your customers will drive continuous education around licensed software, while ensuring that correct license fees and support are being recognized for software deployed and used.

Expert Audit Support, Customized for Your Needs

Based on years of experience across 1000’s of audits, on average, 80% of licensees audited will identify non-compliance and additional licensing and support opportunities. Understandably, any vendor who embarks on the contract compliance path wants assurance that its customer relationship remains strong. When entering an engagement, we strive not only to maintain the vendor’s relationships with its suppliers and customers – but in fact to strengthen them.

Global Presence
Globally distributed team
with authentic regional experience

Technology First Approach
Leverage best-of-breed technology &
data analytics alongside dedicated support

Compliance Specialists
100% contract compliance focused with teams organized by industry

Cost Efficient
Experienced local teams lowers OPEX

Consistent Team
Low turnover increases knowledge retention.

Expert Team
Large compliance team with deep
expertise and dedicated leadership oversight

Partnering to Provide Data-Driven Compliance Programs

Cylynt provides SaaS based anti-piracy, license compliance and software monetization technology for the world’s leading software providers.

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